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For more information on how you can help please contact us. The following report was submitted by Rotarian Terry Youlton   
Canadians helping to combat Malaria in Tanzania

I have suggested a Canada wide campaign, by CRCID, to raise the entire $228,785 cost of the CRCID Tanzanian Malaria project. I can hear you all "gulp" from here but that is cheap when we have 30,000 Canadian Rotarians
CRCID needs exactly this kind of a campaign to get back into the good graces of all of the Rotarians and Rotary clubs in Canada. Most of us have felt "left out" for the last 3 years and need to get back into the saddle and realize what a force we truly can be in our world.

Kevin talked, this morning, about a reason to bring the CRCID Members together for a training meeting to get them hyped up on going back to their district clubs. This meeting can use the Malaria campaign as the platform to sell "giving of yourself" to all Rotarians and start by helping us seriously reduce Malaria in Tanzania.

$7.76 per Rotarian is not too much to ask from any club. This is less than most clubs charge for the dinner at any meeting. The club can give the lump sum and bill the Rotarians on their next quarterly billing. Theoretically, that will give us $228,785 which would be spent over the 3 year span of the program. Some Rotarians might even be willing to give $10 which is the cost of a single Malaria net.

The above $228,785 will be matched with $190,000 from CIDA through CRCID to complete the $418,785 program commitment.Mosquito borne illnesses are a major challenge in Thailand and anything that can be done to help eradicate them is all to the good.


Projects are continually being developed so check back regularly.